Things to Consider When Choosing a Hypnotherapy School.


• How long has that school been in business? Will your training actually be completed as promised?
• Will you receive certification from an association such as the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association or International Association of Counselors and Therapists?
• Is the school listed as a recommended training site on an Association’s website?
• Can graduates be certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists?
• Does the curriculum cover all the areas you are interested in or does it focus on one style of hypnosis?
• Is there practical application of Hypnosis? What percentage of your time is spent doing practical work?
• Are the Instructors trained facilitators? Is there a back-up Instructor?
• Have they been trained to facilitate learning in a Hypnosis environment and how long have they been doing that?
• Is the location comfortable for learning? Have you checked it out?
• Have you spoken to previous students who have graduated from that school?
• Do any of the graduates operate the kind of business you would like to have when you are done your training?
• Can you return to the school for additional training?


The Coastal Academy program offers a rich diversity of theory and methodology in the challenging but fascinating three week intensive program. Each day layers new understandings with prior knowledge. Leslie is an expert and her affirming teaching practices brought out the best in each student. I have left the academy with a depth of understanding and a vast tool kit that is helping me to reach many different clients in my practice.
After more than twenty years in education, I can attest to Leslie’s masterful teaching. A balanced approach to instruction, discussion and practice and accommodating the learning styles of adult students was outstanding. It is by far the best professional development I have experienced in years. …. L.W. B.Ed CHt, Manitoba

Coastal Academy is Canada’s premiere training facility for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.