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Coastal Academy is here to guide you on each stage of the transition to becoming a practicing hypnotherapist, and the opportunity to make real change in the world.

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Who We Are

Canada’s leading hypnotherapist training program was founded by Leslie McIntosh using her knowledge and wisdom in order to help others live better lives.

Our Faculty, through our specially designed curriculum, share their deep, extensive experience as working hypnotherapists. With our many years of experience in combination with our online learning, and full or part time courses, we believe we have the most comprehensive training available.

We, as people, can live in balance, free of fear and emotional pain. We can live with the highest regard for humanity, allowing us to serve others and ourselves for our highest good. At Coastal Academy, this is the vision we work towards, using hypnosis and hypnotherapy as our primary tools.

Becoming a Hypnotherapist

Curious about exploring the possibilities of becoming a hypnotherapist? You’re in the perfect place.

Our graduates actively help people achieve lasting change and wellness, and freedom from the crippling beliefs and behaviours that frequently prevent the achievement of balance, true health and fulfillment of life. Whether you have a new found calling or helping others has been your life long goal, we are the learning partner for you, here to bring out the very best in your unique work.

Discover the impact that hypnotherapy will have on you, your career, and the world around you.

Jamie Holloway

“A supportive learning environment. I feel I am leaving with a strong foundation to hypnotherapy. Part-time class was very accommodating to a full-time schedule.”

– Jamie Holloway

Choosing Your Path

Classes in 2021

NEW! Online Interactive Classes

We are now offering the Clinical Hypnotherapist Program in two parts, online, in real-time and fully interactive. The first part is the Hypnotist Module and the Master Hypnotist Module of the full course and the second part is the Clinical Hypnotherapist Module.

Please contact us for more details.

NEW! Peaceful Pregnancy Program

This one day class will provide you with the skills to guide your pregnant clients through a gentle labour and give the new parents tools to use before and after the birth of their baby. See the Peaceful Pregnancy tab under Continuing Education below.




Our Core Program – The Clinical Hypnotherapist Program – is delivered in three stages:

– Hypnotist
– Master Hypnotist
– Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification
(You can read more about these in the Curriculum Tab.)

We offer this program in three different ways:

1. as an intensive in-person, 4-week course (see the ‘Full-Time’ tab for details)
2. as a part-time in-person course over 10 months (see the ‘Part-Time’ tab for details)
3. as a two-part online course, in real-time and fully interactive over Zoom. Each part is two weeks long. Please contact us for more details.

The first stage – Hypnotist – is also offered online. (see ‘Hypnotist Online’ tab for details)

Upon completion of this course, you will graduate with professional certification recognized around the world, and become part of our thriving network of alumni practitioners.


This richly-interactive online course covers the first of the three units of our full Clinical Hypnotherapist Program and the cost is just $547.

This program will give you the groundwork and the basis to build upon if you decide to continue to work towards being a Hypnotherapist. You can work to your schedule and pace, while having direct contact, feedback and support from the Coastal Academy faculty.

When you complete this online course, you will understand what hypnosis is, how it works and how to use it. You will also be able to help friends, family, and clients with relaxation, stress relief, and positive suggestions to make changes in their lives.

You can now combine the Online Hypnotist Program with the Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner course.
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The full Clinical Hynotherapist Program qualifies the graduate for IMDHA, IACT and NGH certification.

Our graduates are unique in that they are cross-trained with the wisdom and techniques of modern thinkers such as Gil Boyne, David Elman, Milton Erickson, Roy Hunter, John Kappas, Gerald Kein, Charles Tebbetts, Terence Watts and Brian Weiss. This provides the Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy graduates with a flexible toolkit to meet the needs of their clients.

The training is done in a comfortable, casual classroom format. Participants are encouraged to wear loose, casual clothing. There is both practical and lecture format each day, to make the classes more enjoyable, to ingrain the learning, and to facilitate the best adult-learning practices.

To provide the optimal learning experience for participants, the Clinical Hypnotherapist program is limited to 6 students per instructor for practical studies. Students will receive 160 hours of classroom training and will complete an additional 60 hours of self-study, practice and preparation of case studies.

Classes are held 9 am – 4/5 pm Monday to Friday. Evenings and week-ends will be required for home study and practicum work.

Students wishing to enroll in this program, must submit the application form along with the non-refundable application fee of $250. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button below! 

Investment for the full 4 week program is $3950.

The program may also be taken as three separate components (space permitting):
Week 1- Hypnotist Certification $995
Week 2- Master Hypnotist Certification (builds on Hypnotist) $1295
Week 3 and 4 – Clinical Hypnotherapist $1950

These fees do not include text books ($70), and registration and examination fees with International Association of Counsellors and Therapists / International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


This Part-Time program is the same number of hours and the same curriculum as the full-time program.

Classes are held one weekend a month (9 am – 4/5 pm, Saturday and Sunday) for 10 months. Register early as space is limited.

Students wishing to enroll in this program, must submit the application form along with the non-refundable application fee of $250. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button below!

As with the Full-Time program, investment for this program is $3950. The deposit of $250 will hold your spot and you will make 10 payments of $370 over 10 months.These fees do not include text books ($70), and registration and examination fees with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


The Clinical Hypnotherapist Program is delivered in three stages: Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification.

Each stage covers many topics which are laid out for you below:

Stage 1 covers:
– What H
ypnosis is, its Features and Benefits
– How the Mind works
– Hypnosis Myths and Facts
– Hypnosis Depths
– Hypnosis Challenges
– Hypnosis Signs
– Hypnosis Trance Types
– Understanding Clients (child or adult)

– Hypnotic Equations
– Inductions
– Progressive Relaxations
– Manifesting
– Patter & Semantics
– Self-hypnosis
– The Importance of Breathing
– Theory of Physical and Emotional Suggestibility

– Deepening Techniques
– Formal Classroom Theory 
– Daily Practical Application of Hypnosis
– Working With Groups

– Demonstrated Exams

Stage 2 covers:
– Abreactions
– Additional Inductions

– Advanced Deepening Techniques
– Belief Systems
– Body Syndromes
– Expanded Consciousness
– False Memories
– Hypnosis and Healing
– Hypnosis and Religion

– Ideomotor Responses
– Initial Sensitizing Event
– Milton Erickson Techniques
– NLP and Hypnosis Overlap
– Rapid Reactional Hypnosis- Fractionation
– Scripting Techniques
– Stage Hypnosis
– Theory of Physical and Emotional Sexuality

– Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
– Understanding ADD/HD
– Understanding Dental Anxiety
– Understanding Habits
– Understanding Sleep Loss and Its Effects
– Formal Classroom Theory
 – Daily Practical Application of Hypnosis 
– Written and Demonstrated Exams

Stage 3 covers:
– Addictions: Control and Motivation
– Age Regression Therapy
– Client Communications
– Compounding
– Cording Therapy – Techniques and Benefits
– Corrective Therapy
– Dehypnosis
– Dreams
– Endorphins
– Fears, Phobias and Circle Therapy

– Forensic Hypnosis
– Habits: Control and Motivation
– Hyper-suggestibility
– Benefits of Laughter
– Memory
– Neurotic Behaviour
– Pain Therapy
– Parts Therapy
– Past Life Regression Therapy including Soul
Screening© (unique to Leslie McIntosh)

– Pregnancy and Childbirth
– Script Recording
– Understanding Depression and Grief
– Diabetes and Hypnotherapy
– Understanding Weight Management
– Business: Planning and Marketing Concepts
– Formal Classroom Theory
– Daily Practical Application
– Written Exams for Coastal Academy and

Clinical Hypnotherapist BadgePROGRAM OPTIONS

Take all three components of Intensive or Part Time programs in person, or start right away with the first part now – fully online.

Course Options



Along with the Clinical Hypnotherapist Program, we also offer a number of Continuing Education Programs:

– 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™
– Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner Course
– Virtual Gastric Band
– Spiritual

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™

Have you thought about what it takes to be a Coach?
How about adding the skill of coaching to the other skills/tools and experience you already have acquired?

If you answered yes to these questions, this program is for you. This coaching program is available to anyone who is interested, not just Hypnotherapists.

What can learning coaching skills do for you?

• When people learn coaching skills they also learn how to truly listen to one another and
hear things that bring whole new perspectives, ideas and new ways of collaborating.
• When people learn coaching skills they also learn to be curious, ask questions and be a
student of others and their surroundings.
• When people learn coaching skills they learn how to truly support others.

Imagine what could happen if EVERYONE knew this.

Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner Course

The Peaceful Pregnancy™ Philosophy: The Peaceful Pregnancy Program is a comprehensive hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth program.

Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioners understand pregnancy, childbirth and hypnosis. We are advocates of choices; women choosing the pregnancy and childbirth experiences they desire.

The Peaceful Pregnancy Program teaches expecting parents how to use hypnosis to experience a peaceful pregnancy and calm childbirth. Mom and her chosen partner will learn how to hypnotize each other for the purpose of relaxation, sleep, physical comfort, bonding with baby, preparation for childbirth, preparation for parenthood and more.

Certification for non-Hypnotists:

You can become a Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner by taking our 5 day Hypnotist training, and our one day Peaceful Pregnancy Certification.

Total cost $1100.00

Certification for Hypnotists:

One day certification workshop. $300.00

The Peaceful Pregnancy Practitioner Course can now be purchased together with the Hypnotist Course!
You have the choice of registering for either the Online Hypnotist course, or the 5-day, in-person Hypnotist Training.
Click the buttons below to learn more:

Sheila Granger presents Virtual Gastric Band

Join us for two days to learn about this amazing technique that you can use for immediate weight release results with your clients. You will receive complete scripts for this 4 session program, CD and material for use with your clients.

The Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band is world renowned as “the” technique” for creating a gastric band with Hypnosis. As well as all of Sheila’s material, attendees will learn how to apply their Parts Therapy skills into the program for continued use during and after the 4 weeks of VGB.

This program is $500.00

Spiritual and Intuitive Workshops

A new spiritual hypnosis course is being created and more information will be added as the course develops.



“My experience with Coastal was life-changing. I learned so much about myself and how to be an effective, client centred practitioner. I am excited about this work and my future learning. “

– Jenni Madison

Our Founder


Leslie McIntosh was a Board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist- specializing in Regression therapy, Soul Screening© and Parts Therapy, Fertility and Peaceful Pregnancy hypnosis for birth. She was also the author of Your Soul- Past, Present and Future, available from Friesen Press.

Leslie had over 25 years of facilitation experience of various types. She was recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association( IMDHA), and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) as a quality trainer and her students are recognized as some of the best professional Hypnotherapists in North America. She was Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and certified as an NGH Instructor in 2007.

Over her last decade she assisted many others to release limiting beliefs or behaviours to support their own healing and move forward with a new profession. Through her mentoring and training skills many graduates have developed the confidence to become Trainers themselves.


“Prior to taking this course, I thought that hypnotherapy was mostly about positive messages and affirmations being delivered to clients by the hypnotherapists. It was an incredible surprise to find out it also involved interactive therapies, which are so much more powerful and beneficial to the people who receive it.”

– Quyn Lê Erichsen, M.Ed.Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist & Life Coach



    You can also reach us by calling 1-866-532-9126.