What’s Influencing Your Life Today?

by Vancouver Hypnosist and Hypnotherapist Trainer Leslie McIntosh

How much of your life is being influenced by your past lives? How much of the information that your subconscious mind is working with is from what we consider to be past lives? Who are you really? Who were you then? What blocks, hurts, and pains have you carried with you into this lifetime? What connections to past lives have you made during this lifetime?
Is there a way for you to overcome the blocks in your life that are preventing you from living your true authentic life or from achieving your current life’s purpose?

“Try as I may, I just can’t help myself.”

If this is something you find yourself saying, then you are not able to choose the way you respond in a situation. There is something influencing your life that is out of your control. The results are frustrating. And they continue to be. No matter what you do, no matter how high you set the bar. No matter what you promise yourself, the results are the same each time. This is an influence over which you have absolutely no control. The type of frustration you are feeling is being felt by many people, every day. The absolute inability to control the results we want plagues us as human beings. There are certain people you know who seem to have everything they want in life. They are happy, wealthy, and everything looks great from where you sit. That doesn’t always mean life looks that way to those people. They, too, may have results in their lives that are not in line with what they’d like them to be. They, too, might daily wish they had more control over some aspect of their life. And if they have a lot fewer regrets than you have, it’s likely because they’ve had less negative impact in their early years or in their past lives. It doesn’t matter that your parents loved you or that you had a great childhood. The factors that dictate how we respond in any given situation were created by our childhood perceptions of what was going on around us or influenced by past life experiences.

Today’s the Day!

So you got up this morning and made a decision to behave differently. You were cheery and happy, just knowing that today was going to be the day. You went about your day prepared to behave in a new manner until the moment that incident popped up.Screen Shot 2014 09 10 at 12.11.48 PM 182×300 Whats Influencing Your Life Today? Right then you had an overwhelming urge to behave in the new manner. You managed to do so for a minute or two. It felt okay. But as the situation progressed with the individual, you totally lost the great perspective you’d had this morning and boom! The overwhelming urge to do what you always do in this situation took over. It was as if an unseen person was moving your hands. As though someone else had control of your tongue and was forming those words you knew you shouldn’t say, that were beginning to spew out of your mouth.

Welcome to the real world—the real you. The very essence of your subconscious mind. That part that knows it has to take over for you to keep you safe

You knew it was coming before you even began the conversation that’s getting you into trouble. You knew that simply speaking to this individual today would result in this feeling of anger. But you also knew you were going to do it anyway. In fact, you’ve gone out of your way to engage in conversation with this individual. Now you’re waiting for the opportunity to bring up the topic that you know is going to shoot fireworks out of your mouth. So here you are: faced with your morning’s resolution on one hand and feeling the need to say those things on the other. And so you do. You even bring up the topic. You attempt to be rational, trying to make him see you’re calm and introspective. But deep inside, the unbelievable volcano erupts and soon you’re letting it blow. The result? Exactly the same as always.

How do you feel? Like you wish you hadn’t climbed out of bed this morning? Or perhaps vindicated, with an undercurrent of embarrassment? Yes, you lost control—again. But did you really lose control or were you being controlled by some deep part of yourself?

Are you the constant entrepreneur? The one who has had several small businesses which all died a slow and painful death? Were you supposed to be making sales calls and instead found yourself loosely throwing the term ‘calls’ around as you found excuses to put them off until you felt more pizzazz in your soul? Or perhaps put them off until you knew your product inside out. And the more you research, the more you know about your product. And the more you research, the fewer calls you make. And the fewer calls you make the fewer clients you have. And soon all that research was for nothing because you can’t buy clients with research. Clients need to be earned with effective marketing and personal contact.

You know that. But each time you pick up that phone, you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Each time you think about getting into your vehicle to visit a potential client, you just know the parking will be too tough at this time of day. Or the bus won’t stop close enough and it’s raining. Or the dog might run away from home while you are gone. Each excuse is very valid to the little voice inside of you that’s preventing you from making those calls, but that voice is speaking for a part of you which still believes you are a child needing protection from something that is going to hurt you.

Does this sound like you? You got up this morning and decided this is the first day of the rest of your life and you are up for the challenge. You are going to lose 30 pounds; starting right this minute. It sounds so easy in your head as you stretch before you get out of bed. You aren’t feeling hungry yet. You feel like you can do anything. It’s even easier when you are in the shower. This is going to be the day. You can just feel those pounds melting off with the soap as it rinses off and down the drain. You can do this. You have the perfect diet tacked to the front of the fridge. You have all the food you need in order to follow this diet that is guaranteed to take off 3 pounds a week. In just 10 weeks you will be able to wear that pair of pants you have grown out of and just love. It’s so easy! As you dry yourself, and finish your makeup, you notice how lovely your eyes will look with a little less puffiness underneath. Just a few pounds will solve that problem. It feels great to be so decisive.
Breakfast is exactly as it should be; specifically according to plan. Nothing stops you from the perfect number of calories or points. You can do this.
Screen Shot 2014 09 10 at 12.09.08 PM 150×150 Whats Influencing Your Life Today?Off to work, feeling slimmer already; Healthy, Happy. But someone brings donuts to the 10:30 meeting and puts them right there on the table. Everyone is reaching for one, napkins protecting every delicate little piece of glaze that might fall from their donut.
Suddenly you realize you have managed to snag one of those donuts. It is resting on the edge of your lips. Smells heavenly. And tastes even better.

Was that you in control? No ma’am. That was a subconscious need to get that donut into your mouth. Where does it come from? That’s the question.

This is an excerpt from Leslie McIntosh’s book Your Soul- Past, Present and Future. Learn more about how to make permanent changes in your life with Hypnosis. You can purchase the book online at http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734000014893809/Leslie-McIntosh-Your-Soul—Past%2C-Present-and-Future
Leslie is the Dean of Education at Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science and teaches Hypnotherapy both nationally to students from Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, Surrey as well as online Hypnosis training to International students.