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Dr. Tahmineh Nikookar, Dr. TCM, North Vancouver

Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science was first recommended to me by one of my colleagues.  But prior to signing up for the course, I started researching all the other possibilities in this field, before making any decisions.  The conclusion was – Coastal would be the best possible choice for me.  I registered and studied there and it was a pleasant journey for me.  Therefore I would highly recommend this Academy, for various reasons, to anyone interested in having high quality training in Hypnotherapy and to be well prepared and feel secure after graduating from a hypnosis course.

The standards at the school are high on so many levels.  The instructors, whom I met and trained with, were well trained, professional, caring and compassionate.

The training I received at Coastal Academy has been amazing and has met all of my needs and expectations due to the great amount of information covered in the course materials.  The program is well designed.  I am sure when you leave the school after your graduation you will feel well trained, confident and prepared to deal with any situation as a hypnotherapist.  It is an outstanding school, which extensively covers both techniques and theories at the same time.

When graduated, you will easily be able to apply your new skills in your work environment with confidence.  On a personal level you will also benefit from gained knowledge in your daily life.

Here I would like to give credit to Leslie McIntosh , for the academy’s success, to her vast knowledge and great ability to create such a high quality of training at the academy and at the same time create a pleasant and relaxing environment to learn in.

Leslie is a wonderful and outstanding teacher with extensive knowledge in hypnosis. She is very creative, has an open mind and is a teacher with great wisdom.  She is a great guide, extremely supportive, and always there for you, even after your graduation.

Jackie Kania, Surrey

I chose Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy after researching and interviewing numerous schools across Canada, and it proved to be an excellent choice. I entered the course with zero knowledge of hypnosis and graduated 4weeks later feeling very confident in my abilities to provide Hypnotherapy to clients in need. Numerous inductions were taught, and the majority of the training was done hands on, with very little use of video based training. Leslie is an excellent instructor, ensuring you fully understand the course content and processes, keeps the class size small so no one gets left behind, and has a wonderful caring nature about her that will very much put you at ease. I highly recommend Coastal Academy as your “first choice” to learn Hypnotherapy!” This course exceeded my expectation- the variety and unbiased presentation of all practices and procedures allows the student to work with what best suits their individual characters. it’s the best value I have ever received. Leslie your incredibly vast knowledge and professionalism has been an inspiring example. I especially appreciated the spiritual content and the care and respect taken to insure that our own biases do not influence the level of care that our clients will get from us. We have been well trained in client-based therapy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kim Boudreau, Cloverdale

Coastal Academy is one of the best schools I have ever attended. Leslie not only teaches you, she shares all of her skills and knowledge. Leslie has a way of making everyone understand the entire course material. When you leave this course you have the both the knowledge and skills to start your own business. You are always welcome back to freshen up your skills and meet other students. Thank you Leslie for sharing your knowledge and helping me to change my life

Jackie Maclean, Langley

Attending this training was one of the best gifts I have given myself.
I didn’t know what to expect when I started this course but I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and a toolbox of techniques to assist my clients in their healing journey.
This training has far exceeded my expectations! In fact, being in a non-healing business ,this has tremendously helped me in my business and I am confident it will help anyone in business, marketing & sales, teaching, management, medicine and the healing arts.
Leslie McIntosh is knowledgeable and helps create an experiential environment that fosters ultimate learning with extreme passion, humor, sensitivity, and creativity with the utmost professional focus. 
I highly recommend Coastal Academy because they continually update their training with the most up-to-date practices.
I have left Coastal Academy feeling secure that I am now able to improve peoples’ lives dramatically utilizing my new found knowledge.

Kathrine Churchill ,White Rock

Leslie has excellent ability for challenging and motivating her students. I appreciate the exceptional talent she demonstrates with both regression and past life regression therapy guiding individuals through the process in ways that work best for each person. She also eagerly gets involved in many different ways to increase public awareness of the benefits of Hypnotherapy thus raising the profile of the profession. 

Chris Loughlin, Nanaimo

Taking the Hypnotherapy course with Coastal Academy, not only gave me a new career – but a new outlook on life. It has been the most valuable investment I have ever made, both personally and business wise. 

Vivian Belbeck, White Rock

The amount of information covered and learned was amazing. It has helped me immensely for my own personal growth and I look forward to a very rewarding career.

Dr. Grace Judio-Kah, Indonesia

Excellent course! I’m glad I decided to choose your Academy. Thanks a lot

Ashfan Ramji, West Vancouver

Great 3 week course which couldn’t have been better. Great peers. I can think of no better place to refer someone with a sincere interest in the profession of Hypnotherapy.

Karmyn Ayn, Calgary

There is one lasting gift that I can give in appreciation for the knowledge, wisdom and empowerment that Leslie shared with me during my course. That gift is to take what I learned and continue to apply the techniques as I move through life for the higher good of all. The course was a very positive investment, for myself personally, and an added benefit for the people I help in therapy. I have easily incorporated the skills I learned into my holistic practice and have many ideas for creatively applying Hypnotherapy in my business. I also recommend this course to people that are interested in taking an evolutionary step in their personal development, and are open to expanding their awareness of themselves and changing self-defeating patterns. It’s always an inside job, to change our lives, we must change ourselves. If you are a student that is ready, know that the teacher has appeared.

Karen Laskey, New Westminster

I found Coastal Academy’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Program to be outstanding. The curriculum is extensive and thorough, and having had previous training in Hypnotherapy, the knowledge of techniques and theories I have acquired in this program has been extremely beneficial and greatly improved my skills and confidence as an effective Hypnotherapist. In addition, Leslie’s professional and relaxed teaching style nurtures a learning environment of trust, respect and fun.

Candida Maghzian, Iran

I am so happy I chose this course. I feel I am well prepared to deal with any situation that may present itself in Hypnosis. Thank You!

Basia Urbanski, Edmonton

This has been a life changing experience for me. Having been a practicing RN for over 20 years, this course has opened up new ways of seeing old problems- thereby making cures possible. I have grown and expanded so much in these 3 weeks and for that I am forever grateful. 

Joelle Touchette ND, Hong Kong

It was such a supportive learning environment. Thank you Leslie. I felt as though I had come in search of myself- and I left having found it. Thank you!

Sandra A. Smith, BA, MH, CH.t, PhD , Abbotsford

“Without reservation, I highly recommend Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy.  The curriculum content is extensive and presented in a comprehensive manner that is conducive for all learning styles.  Leslie McIntosh has a rare ability to create a comfortable, safe learning environment that nurtures a student’s ability to grasp the concepts and objectives of the course being offered.  Students have an opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge through a balanced combination of reading material, oral presentations, written and practical experience. This allows a graduate to leave the academy confident in their ability to apply the new skills they have acquired to both their personal and professional life.

Bonnie Goldstone, Abbotsford

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel excited to get started.  Not only am I confident to begin my Hypnotherapy practice, but this has been a growing period for me as well.  This I did not really expect but am pleasantly surprised. I can see how this will really help my clients balance hormones and improve their heart and arterial health.

Alicia Fairclough, Australia

The three week intensive program is brilliant. Leslie knows her craft & presents it beautifully. I feel privileged to have been part of such a program and to have been taught by one of the very best. Thank you Leslie!

Raj Penumatcha, India

The course is very professionally designed. Leslie is a very accomplished and experienced teacher and a very great guide.

Janice Lesley, Burnaby

I would recommend attending Coastal Academy due to the high standards the school holds to, on so many levels: – the overall classroom environment; the awareness of each student’s comfort level and learning style; the available supplies; the organization and amount of teaching material; the chance to meet graduates and other experienced hypnotherapists during the training; and finally the commitment and enthusiasm of the educators. I think the 4 week intensive course in not only good for learning about hypnosis but it is also an excellent tool to promote self growth. This is a great experience and an asset for any Student of Life.

Paul Pathy, New Westminster

Beginning this course I had no idea what to expect. Being a skeptic by nature I was pleasantly surprised to discover what valuable tool hypnosis would be for my life. I left the course feeling empowered that anything is possible. Because of the quality of training and of the deeply enriching personal experiences I received I highly recommend Coastal for anyone who wants to become an excellent Hypnotherapist.

Shauna Herter, Vancouver

Love the course, Love Leslie, Love my classroom dynamics. Great growth – personally and professionally. Leslie you are one of the very best instructors I have ever had the privilege to learn from. Your patience, wisdom and flexibility of delivering information is inspiring. Thank Thank Thank You!

Leslie Wakeman, B.Ed CHt, Manitoba

The Coastal Academy program offers a rich diversity of theory and methodology in the challenging but fascinating four week intensive program. Each day layers new understandings with prior knowledge. Leslie is an expert and her affirming teaching practices brought out the best in each student. I have left the academy with a depth of understanding and a vast tool kit that is helping me to reach many different clients in my practice.

After twenty years in education, I can attest to Leslie’s masterful teaching. A balanced approach to instruction, discussion and practice and accommodating the learning styles of adult students was outstanding. It is by far the best professional development I have experienced in years.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS: The key to who you were, who you are, and who you will be.


Vancouver Hypnosis and Hypnotherapist Trainer Leslie McIntosh looks at the key to who you were, who you are, and who you will be.

The Conscious Mind

Our subconscious mind- that part of us which dictates how we feel and react- is the very part of us we don’t know very well.
Our conscious mind is the part we do know.

If I were to ask you how much of your day you spent using your conscious mind, versus how much of your day you spent using your subconscious mind, my experience is that the majority of people would give me a higher percentage on the conscious side. Especially if you are drawn toward a spiritual path and working to “live consciously”.
In fact, the conscious mind works only to protect our physical body. It is only factual, logical and while it is always present to protect our physical body, it is rarely used for making decisions. If someone asked me to add 2 plus 2, I would likely whip off the answer 4 without any feeling or thought involved. I likely did that with my logical, factual conscious mind. As an estimate, the conscious mind is less than 5% of mind in relation to the subconscious mind’s 95% of the real estate of the mind.

The subconscious- the part we don’t know

The Subconscious or Unconscious mind is aptly named because we are not aware of it- nor are we aware of why we feel or react to situations the way we do. All we know is that we do.
We juScreen Shot 2014 09 10 at 11.57.01 AM THE SUBCONSCIOUS: The key to who you were, who you are, and who you will know, for instance, when our mother asks us if we are going to get a haircut- some of us will get that familiar feeling of rebellion deep inside; or defensiveness and anger that an observer might consider inappropriate. While another of us will feel loved and protected and so happy that Mom still cares about us.
Whichever of those reactions we have will depend on the information the subconscious mind has stored away from an earlier time. This earlier time could be childhood, or it could be an alternate lifetime.
However, how we feel won’t change because we don’t like the way we respond. We can work to change our behaviour if we don’t like the reaction we normally take. If we don’t want to snap at mother to stop nagging at us, or respond defensively with something like, “I’m 40 years old, and I don’t need you to tell me when to get a haircut”, we can learn to take a deep breath and respond differently. We can respond rationally and with a well thought out and planned, “Thank you Mom, I’ll keep that in mind.” But we will still feel the same. For some, that’s not a pleasant feeling.

Because the subconscious mind is the emotional mind, anytime you feel any emotion whatsoever, you are feeling it from a deep subconscious level and you don’t have a lot of choice about whether to feel it or not.
The subconscious mind cannot tell whether you are actually seeing and experiencing and living a scene or situation or if you are actually imagining it. It will accept it as fact and work with that fact to make it so. It will believe at a deeply emotional level that it is real. It is this gift that allows us to make deep changes with Hypnotherapy.
This is also why there must be an emotional component to any manifesting you are doing; why you must feel, as well as think and see and imagine all of the feelings you would have if this was real. You must behave as if it is real. Without the thinking and feeling part of your manifestation, the subconscious mind will have difficulty absorbing the information as fact.
Even more important than an emotional component, the mind must be in an “altered state” (Hypnosis or other very slow brain wave pattern) to accept new information that is not in agreement with old beliefs or patterns.

The second job of the subconscious mind is to protect us.

Back to my math experience: I would have had no trouble or qualms about answering your 2 plus 2 question- but the moment that you ask me to calculate how long it would take the train leaving station A to get to station B if the track is 5.2 miles long and the train is travelling 51 miles per hour, I am immediately engaged completely in my subconscious mind. My heart will begin to pound a bit, I am likely turning red and I am terrified. To me, you see, any math issue is reason to feel afraid; to feel like “I can’t do this”. As anyone I went to school with will confirm- math was not my strong point. Any memory or experience involving math was not a good one in my world.
The reason I have this response to math is because of my past history and because the subconscious mind is protecting me- sending out those warnings that this question is going to cause me embarrassment, that trouble is coming. Beware! Avoid!
When Mom tells us we need a haircut and we get the feeling that we want to explode, that feeling is coming from our subconscious mind protecting us from her control, or her domination, or her bad decisions on what a haircut should look like and the ensuing embarrassment.
It could also be the subconscious mind rebelling and helping us to stand up for ourselves.
Exactly what the subconscious mind is protecting us from is rarely known to us at a conscious level. When we talk about our feelings, and try to understand what is causing us to be angry with Mom, we are guessing. We are trying to rationalize with the conscious mind; asking ourselves what hold or control she could possibly have over us at our age.
The event that is stuck in our subconscious mind, the moment when our subconscious decided to step in to protect us with these warning feelings, is almost never revealed without Hypnosis, or very deep meditation. Even experienced meditators may have trouble travelling the illogical path to the root cause of these feelings.
The root cause, or original moment that eventually led to our negative symptom, is usually buried deep in the subconscious mind. This root cause may be in a past life or it may be in early days of our current lifetime.
It is the subconscious mind’s decision to protect us; that decision made in a moment in time- that controls us emotionally today.

The foregoing is an excerpt from Leslie McIntosh’s recent book entitled “Your Soul – Past, Present and Future”. To learn more about how to make permanent changes in your life with Hypnosis, you can purchase the book online at—Past%2C-Present-and-Future

Leslie is Dean of Education at Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science, serving students from across Canada from cities like Edmonton, Vancouver and Surrey, as well as international Students from around the world. Online Hypnosis Training will soon also be available to enable interested individuals to learn more about the thought provoking world of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

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