Will Hypnosis Help My Problem?

I regularly get asked the question, “Will Hypnosis help me?” And just about always my answer has to be, “Hypnosis is often the most beneficial in helping people with this issue.”

And that is because any problem we have, whether it is a fear of flying or uncontrolled anger, or unexplained anxiety- is simply a symptom of some deeper issue. As we attempt to sort out our issues, using logic and will power the stone wall we keep banging our heads against becomes higher and harder. The frustration grows and the guilt increases and the peripheral results of our symptom become more widespread- often including others such as family members.

Sometimes, with great effort,and focus and new habits, we can make minor changes in how we behave, but the feelings don’t change much. And that original reaction is always just under the surface, ready to pop out.

Hypnotherapy can help reach the real root cause of that problem and actually “change your mind” at a deep subconscious level so it no longer takes will power, or great strength to change a negative or uncomfortable behaviour. It is extremely empowering for you to decide for yourself what you would like to feel or how you would like to react- and make that a reality for yourself.

Coastal Academy has trained many excellent Hypnotherapists in Vancouver, Surrey, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg as well as internationally. If you feel that there is something you wish to change- there is lots of help out there for you. Ask your hypnotherapist if they do regression and parts therapy. If you need assistance in finding the right person for your issue, don’t hesitate to call us and we will steer you in the right direction.

You can feel better. Maybe it is the time to take that first step and talk to someone.