How Do I Choose a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Choosing the right complimentary health practitioner is essential for the peace of mind that will lead to achieving the goals you have set. Just like any other relationship you will want to feel that it is easy to trust that individual.
When you arrive for yoursession, the space should feel comfortable and inviting. We teach students to become the type of professional that you, the client, can rely on.

Here are some helpful questions to consider about a good Hypnotherapist:

– Do they call you back after you leave a message? Do they respond within the business day when you email them?
– Do they offer a consultation as part of your first session if that is your preference? Will they work with you on your first session of that is your preference?
– Do they encourage you to ask questions?
– Do they answer your questions about Hypnotherapy knowledgeably and openly?
– Do they ask you questions that are relevant to your goal?
– Is your time and privacy respected?
– How will your sessions be conducted?
– Are they personalized sessions or standard scripts that are used over and over? Some of these may be appropriate but feel free to ask.
– What are their qualifications? There are three levels:(Hypnosis, Master Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist)
– Where did they train?