But I Read That ‘Self-Help’ Book…

by Leslie McIntosh, Coastal Academy, serving the Hypnosis community in Canada, Vancouver, Surrey, and Lower Mainland

How many Self-Help Books have you read? 1, 5, 20? And you still find yourself resorting to that disturbing way of thinking that sent you out to buy those
Who we are is what we: heard, saw, smelled, felt, touched, experienced, perceived and thought when we were very small children.

This information all dropped into our subconscious minds when we had no filters and no choice about what created our feelings and beliefs that dictate our lives
Did you notice , reading that book, that everything in it was logical? You totally understood what you needed to do to change that icky reaction you always have
to that co-worker who bullies you? You just knew all you had to do was A or B or C and you would be in control of all of your emotions. You would be able to
respond in a logical and controlled manner, and walk away feeling fabulous about yourself?
Did you also notice the next time that co-worker spoke to you in that aggravating manner, you still got that old feeling in the pit of your stomach? You may have
learned a new behaviour to deal with them. A new retort, or a new solution. But was your heart still pounding? Did you notice that icky feeling is still there? Did
you realize that nothing about YOU has changed, except perhaps what the Bully sees? You learned a new response behaviour, so the outside world may see a
bit of a difference in you. But the most important person in your life is YOU. Did YOU feel different?

Changing a behaviour around a feeling may give us a more outward appearance of calm and will give us a sense of pride that we have “fooled” that Bully into thinking we are confident around them. But we still have to look into the mirror each day and know that we still feel terrible about ourselves in that situation.

But you CAN change that icky feeling. By getting to the root cause of what that feeling is, when it began, no matter how early in life, you can be relieved of that
feeling forever. So not only will the Bully think you might have changed, but you will KNOW you have changed. When you face that bully the next time, you will
just understand that they can never have that power over you again.

You can do this with your Hypnotherapist. They will gently guide you to that moment when the belief that you could be bullied was created as a child, help
you change that information that was filed there as a child, and create a new feeling. The next time you even see that Bully, you will notice they no longer have the
ability to make you feel anything negative. Not only will your behaviour be changed, but your feelings about yourself will have taken wings. You will notice
that you feel fabulous and totally in control. You will have regained your power.

Our power is what gives us choice. You can choose to be in your power.