Unleashing the Mind’s Spiritual Power.

by Susan Turner ©2018 Better Life Now Hypnotherapy
Founder, The Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy Program
Clinical & Cognitive Behavior Hypnotherapist

Contributing Author, Roy Hunter’s Best Seller
“The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis” (#1 USA & AUS – Amazon);
Certified Facilitator, Heart Resonance Master Teacher &
Faculty of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science

Comparisons are easily made between the Mind and the Universe – how Light travels among the bright galaxies of stars, to other celestial bodies. It is much like how energy flows through the brain, triggering the Subconscious engrams – thoughts, memories, emotions, etc. Like the Universe, the deeper you delve into the Subconscious, the more there is to discover – our only limitation are our beliefs.

It has been said that our Subconscious opens the door to the Super Conscious (aka Quantum Conscious) where we can explore ‘the other worlds within us’. This is a mental space where hidden keys can be found that can unlock our true happiness and human potential – including increased intuition, psychic ability, spiritual awareness and creativity.

For eons we have stared out into the Heavens. ‘Why am I here? What purpose do I serve?’ Or ‘Something’s missing –why am I not satisfied with my life?’ Or other deep questions like, ‘Why aren’t I happy?’

These often are spiritual signals. Quiet stirrings and inner whispers that feel like Soul Callings. Sometimes it’s a full-blown realization that life has become unbearable, making change unavoidable. For many it can be a confusing, fearful, if not painful time. One may be facing the end of long-term relationships, re-evaluating career paths or making other life changing decisions.

During the ‘Spiritual Awakening phase’ it is natural to seek out knowledge from other sources –the internet, books, classes etc. This can be helpful yet often creates more confusion because of the different approaches and philosophies. Knowledge from outside sources may not fit or be enough to satisfy our personal thirst for spiritual truth. Eventually many find ourselves back at the beginning – wiser with the recognition that outer search isn’t the answer. To gain the desired spiritual connection and find one’s personal spiritual solutions, one must go within. This is when many clients book in for Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a specialty of Clinical Hypnotherapy. A well trained Spiritual Hypnotherapist will help their client’s find, open and explore this connection, expand on the concepts of Self and how this relates to life purpose, and life changes.

To achieve this state Hypnotherapists may mistakenly believe that deepening the hypnotic trance will be enough to begin Spiritual Hypnotherapy. In my view, this is not the case. In order to bridge the Subconscious into the Super Conscious – and that of Higher Consciousness, a process must be used.

The trailblazers of Spiritual Hypnotherapy of past decades developed long protocols to facilitate this process. It meant enormously long sessions – as long as 3 hours – time needed for the Subconscious Mind to bridge into the Super Conscious and access Higher Consciousness.

In recent years new protocols have been developed and refined – like those taught in the Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy Program (ASH). ASH teaches new methods that accomplish these Higher Consciousness state – quicker – reducing client fatigue and restless.

Clients find shorter sessions more comfortable and much briefer sessions make it easier for clients to fit them into their busier lifestyles. The average ASH session can be completed in less than 90 minutes time, which is half the time of older protocols.

In these higher states, the client can access multi-dimensional aspects of Self. Not only can they receive higher guidance, healing work can be done with loved ones who have crossed over; clients can meet Spiritual Guides, clients can even meet their own Divine aspects. Those healing from abuse can receive benefit from Soul Retrieval work, which return pieces of themselves to stay safe in a family or relationship.
A well trained Spiritual Hypnotherapist aims not only to provide a quality session, but to find ways of making the session relevant. When a Hypnotherapist is able to recognize and seize opportunities to make spiritual growth practical, this has a grounding effect for the client.

The addition of Spiritual Hypnotherapy services broadens a professional’s toolkit and brings greater resources into our practices which benefits the clients we serve. New services freshen your hypnotherapy business and helps grow our client base by attracting new clientele.

About Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy Program
Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy (ASH) Program was created from years of professional sessions done in Susan’s private practice and group work. The protocols provided in the manual have been tested and refined. Past students have shared many life changing experiences providing testimonials from both their in-class personal experiences and their professional success with clients using ASH.
ASH is an experiential 2-day workshop and Hypnotherapists can immediately begin using ASH in their session work.
Susan’s work was selected by Roy Hunter and published in the #1 Best-Selling Book (US & AUS – Amazon) ‘The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis.’  https://www.amazon.com/Art-Spiritual-Hypnosis-Accessing-Divine-ebook/dp/B01FP0KBYE