Basic Deepening Techniques

Lesson Progress:

Deepening techniques are tools to increase the client’s receptiveness to suggestibility- each one used will increase the client’s ability to achieve the desired depth of hypnosis.

Some are used before you even meet the client and some are used during the hypnosis session.

At least one, and sometimes all of the following techniques are employed to effectively deepen:

Establishing rapport
Removing fear and loss of control
Increasing time spent in hypnotic state
Successfully challenging the client
Using misdirection
various other very simple techniques

Establishing Rapport is the responsibility of the Hypnotherapist by displaying self-confidence and concern for the client. It develops trust and positive expectation in the client’s mind. Be a professional and a good listener. Make them feel comfortable, make them feel safe, and let them know they can expect competence, confidentiality, and safety. Only give suggestions or challenges that you are sure will work.

Avoid talking about yourself
Never give advice
Never display an attitude of egotism or dominance
Never use phrases such as “you’re under my control”
Never gossip about other clients or colleagues

Removing fear and loss of control by giving a pre-Induction talk that will remove fears and gain trust.

Use suggestions that will make them feel safe. This pre-talk is a vehicle for removing fears, dispelling misconceptions and explaining suggestibility (if appropriate to do so), visualization or imagination.

Explain to the client that all induced trance or hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
Perhaps give them a printed brochure on what to expect.
Let the client know what is happening, such as sleep means the body, not the brain.
If they are very nervous, avoid obvious Inductions, and say “Let’s forget about hypnosis for now and just work on your comfort.” and give the client a great hypnosis without an obvious induction, that leads into a great progressive relaxation.

The aim is to have them leave feeling relaxed, safe and calm and trusting you. The client should leave looking forward to the next session.

Increasing the time spent in the hypnotic state.

The more time the client spends in the hypnotic state, the greater the possibility of increased depth, because the mind has time to drift and the slide into hypnosis. If your client is in hypnosis for 15 minutes, their depth may not be as deep as if they were there for 30 minutes, unless the whole 15 minutes was spent on deepeners.

During longer periods of hypnosis, the body can dissociate and greater amnesia can take place allowing for increased suggestibility. Including moments of silence in this time space, will increase their depth. Silence can be anywhere from one minute to three minutes, providing you have set it up so they don’t wonder where you went.

Successfully testing or challenging the client increases the credibility of the Hypnotherapist and eliminates the client’s desire to fight hypnosis.

Almost any muscle can be challenged. Most often we will use the eyes as a beginning challenge. Set up the challenge and the desired results before executing the challenge.

Know the signs of hypnosis to ensure that your challenge will be successful. For example, before issuing the eye challenge, watch for the indications of tightness and the signs of hypnosis in the eyes. Begin with the eyes because the smaller the muscle, the more likely your challenge will be successful. Simply acknowledging to themselves that they are in hypnosis, will take your Client deeper.

Statements like:

“The harder you laugh, the deeper you go.”
A pre-set suggestion for breathing: “Every time you exhale, you find yourself doubling your calmness”.


“The sound of my voice lets you focus on it as you go deeper into the calmness.” Set up the intent to use Outside noises. “Notice that the sound of the wind takes you deeper into the calmness”. Pre-set suggestion for snapping of the fingers… “Every time I snap my fingers, you will go twice as calm.” Varying the speed and volume of the Hypnotherapist’s voice.


A gentle touch on the forehead (for Physicals).

Deepeners with inductions.

Setting up an arm drop after an induction and saying, “When your hand drops into your lap you will go two times deeper into the calmness that you are now.”