5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ 3-Days


Have you thought about what it takes to be a Coach? How about adding the skill of coaching to the other skills/tools and experience you already have acquired? If you answered yes to these questions, this program is for you. This coaching program is available to anyone who is interested, not just Hypnotherapists

What can learning coaching skills do for you?

• When people learn coaching skills they also learn how to truly listen to one another and
hear things that bring whole new perspectives, ideas and new ways of collaborating.
• When people learn coaching skills they also learn to be curious, ask questions and be a
student of others and their surroundings.
• When people learn coaching skills they learn how to truly support others.
Imagine what could happen if EVERYONE knew this

Key Skills Covered

• Multi-dimensional listening.
• Encouraging action, growth and new awareness.
• Asking powerful questions that accelerate development and new insights.
• Catalyzing bigger, bolder actions.
• Establish meaningful and motivating goals and workable plans to achieve them.

Benefits of Participating

Learners acquire tools that move them…
• from talking at others to new ways of listening.
• from building walls to building trust.
• from telling others what to do to asking powerful questions.
• from harsh truths to productive feedback.
• from problem solving for others to developing resourceful, self reliant problem solvers.

The Box:

Each participant receives a box full of resource materials for learning and supporting their
coaching. The box includes a Participant’s Workbook, Desk Reference Pyramid with the 5/5/5
model, 365 Coaching Questions booklet, 50 Coaching Questions quick reference bookmark
and The Airplane Journals DVD, a documentary on coaching by an award-winning documentary
filmmaker which includes coaching demonstrations and instruction.

Delivered by Coaching Out of the Box® Licenced Trainer:
Dianne McCoy, MA, CHt, PCC http://spiraleffects.com

Dianne is a passionate and trained executive coach, facilitator and speaker. Her career in the
public service provided her with a range of opportunities in leading and serving others including
acting as a coach and mentor for many years. She now works with clients across Canada
and internationally in delivering leadership development training and coaching. She operates
her business Spiral Effects Coaching and Consulting out of rural Manitoba and she works with
clients from around the world to assist them in getting clarity on their direction and in moving
their desires and dreams to reality.

She is currently an Associate Faculty member at Royal Roads University in the Executive Coaching
Program. She is also an Associate Faculty member with the University of Winnipeg.
She has a BA in Conflict Resolution from the University of Winnipeg, MA in Leadership and
Training and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and she
holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from International Coaching Federation